86 That Again!

Last Week on the Internet Album Art

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Pokemon Go false bans


White girls ruin everything again

Me ranting about normies

Feminists complain about stuff, again

Tumblr got removed from the App Store

Flappy Bird happened again

Speaking of birds

GameStop is a trash establishment, and this guy’s had enough

Blizzard didn’t expect neckbeards to have autism

Steam Link almost “Sold Out”

Warframe for Switch will make me play Warframe

Florida Bans Vaping

Stefan H.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Sorry to message you on a comment thread for an episode but I couldn’t find any contact info on your website and Twitter is not really a thing in Australia 😛

    Anyway, I’m reaching out to offer my services as an Audio Editor for free. Please check out my website or send me an email address that I can contact you on and I’ll give you a run-down on how I might be able to help.

    All the best!


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