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Trump Claims Voter Fraud after winning; No Evidence Exists

Trump Still Claims Voter Fraud; Don’t Worry, Still No Proof

But it’s probably because he believes this

Trump is obsessed with comparing himself to Obama

Trump Bans Muslim Immigrants, Collectively Making America Dumber

Alternative Facts

Inauguration Cake 

Richard Spencer gets punched

Richard Spencer got punched again

Shia LeBouf Gets Arrested, Soulja Boy Tweets ‘Free Shia’

Parting the kimono between Shia and Soulja


Seagate to release 16TB HDD next year

Dystopian Business Simulator

Stefan H.

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  1. I want to disagree with Jake’s take on the falsehood/lie argument. Jake said that you are lying even if you don’t know that you are lying. I don’t agree with that. I think that if you like it implies that you know what the truth is and you are knowingly misleading somebody for one reason or another. So in my opinion lying has the intention of misleading, but I could just be misinformed when I tell you something and I don’t think that’d be lying.

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