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We made it onto the Google Play Store! With the advent of Google releasing Podcasts in the Google Play Music app, we had to jump right on that bandwagon to make it easier to get this show out to you!

This week we’re talking about Wells Fargo ruining people’s credit scores, controversial streamers, and we bring back our gaming segment with some interesting questions for Jake! Afterwards, we dive deep into the world of upcoming games, and a little bit of talk about new drones out from GoPro and DJI! Links after the jump.

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VanMoof Shipping Bikes in TV Boxes:

Wells Fargo:

Louise DeLage:

Louise DeLage Instagram:

Zoie Bhurger:


Washington Post on Games:

Destiny 2 Coming to PC:

Firewatch Coming to Theatres:

Karma Announcement:

DJI Mavic:

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